Coffee Shops in Woodbury, MN
7230 Valley Creek Rd. (Drive-Through)
8505 Valley Creek Rd. (Kowalski’s)
8362 Tamarack Village
449 Commerce Dr. (Super Target)
610 Woodbury Dr.
7760 Hargis Pkwy (Jerry’s Foods)

Caribou Coffee:
8320 City Centre Plaza
9955 Hudson Place
7050 Valley Creek Plaza (Lunds & Byerly’s)
365 Radio Dr. (City Place)

Dunn Bros Coffee:
10060 City Walk Dr.

Brix Coffee:
572 Commons Dr.

The Steepery Tea Bar: (This is now named “Sencha”).
783 Radio Dr.

This Starbucks is located off of Valley Creek next to Potbelly Sandwich shop. It also has a drive-through window which is perfect for grabbing a quick coffee before work.

The Caribou Coffee in Lunds & Byerly’s is a fairly new addition to the Woodbury area, which in my opinion has the most seating of the local coffee shops.

This Caribou Coffee located at the City Centre Plaza seems to be one of the busiest coffee shops in Woodbury. It’s connected to Brueggers Bagels, which also provides extra seating.

This Starbucks is located inside Kowalski’s Grocery Store. Grab a cup of Joe while picking up your groceries or getting your hair done at Aveda.

This Locally owned Dunn Brothers Coffee is in the City Walk Development off of Woodbury Dr. It’s a cozy place with a gas fireplace as its centerpiece.

There is plenty of coffee to choose from off of Woodbury Dr. This Caribou Coffee is one of them

Another option off of Woodbury Drive is a Starbucks Coffee. It has a drive-through window, so if you don’t want to get out of your car, this is your place on the Eastside of Woodbury.

This Starbucks is located in the Super Target on the Eastside of Woodbury.

If you’re looking for something that is not one of the big names, try Brix Coffee off of Radio Dr. It has a European style setting and also has Crepes and custard and a drive-through window.

The newest addition as of the date of this video is the Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bagels located in the new City Place development next to Cafe Zupas.

Another new addition is the Starbucks coffee in Jerry’s Foods.

So for my count, we have 6 Starbucks, 4 Caribou’s, 1 Dunn Brothers, and a Brix Coffee in Woodbury.

The Steepery Tea Bar is located off of Radio Drive. It’s a small place, but they’ve got a lot of tea to choose from.

If I’ve missed any coffee shops please post a comment below. Of course, you can always find coffee in one of the many fast food places or at your favorite gas station if that’s more your style.