7 Quick Tips To Sell Your Home!

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7 Quick Tips to Help Sell your home!

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, I’ve got 7 quick tips to get your home sold faster and for the most money…

#1. Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal – The buyer’s first impression is huge. Keep your lawn mowed, free of weeds, bushes & trees trimmed and don’t forget to make the front entry inviting to buyers. You can do this by putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door and surrounding trim.

#2. Declutter and Clean – Clear off the kitchen and bathroom counters, clean out closets, and remove extra furniture. Your house will look larger when the clutter is cleared out. And have your home professionally cleaned before you start showing it. Buyers are turned off by a dirty home.

#3. Update Your Lighting – “Retro” is not something most homebuyers are looking for. Installing new light fixtures can really help transform the interior of your home and it can usually be done without spending a ton of money.

#4. Un-Personalize Your Home – Take down your personal family photos. We want the buyer’s to visualize themselves living there, not who currently lives there. It never fails, every time I’m showing houses, my clients go right for the family photos to see who is living there. Just take them down 🙂

#5. Fresh Paint! – Dollar for dollar, a fresh coat of paint give you more bang for your decorating buck than anything else. Just be sure to use neutral colors.

#6. Make sure your Realtor hires a professional photographer!! You want to have a real estate photographer take amazing photos of your home. This all ties back to the fact that you want your home to look fantastic online. Online is where potential buyers will first see your home. If you have bad photos they buyer’s may just click past it.

#7. Price your home wisely. The old adage of pricing your home 10-15k more, to give you some wiggle room is wrong. We want to price your home “just right” to attract the most buyers and hopefully multiple offers.

And If you’re going to invest in one big renovation pick solid surface countertops. Granite or quartz counters will make a great impression and buyer’s love seeing them.

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