Public Service Announcement for Homeowners and HomeBuyers: Gutters, Grading, and Downspouts!

This is a public service announcement for homebuyers and homeowners.
Do you have gutters on your house? If not, it’s time to get them installed, especially if you’re living in MN.
There are 3 things that everyone should do if you own a home in this fine state. Gutters, Grading, and Downspout Extensions.
You want to get the water away from your foundation!
Without the “Big Three”, there is a good chance that you’ve had water intrusion in your basement or will have a problem in the future.
Water intrusion can lead to mold, mildew and the possibility of cracking or settling of your foundation.
The longer you go without the gutters the more your soil will erode which can cause negative grading towards your house.
My clients all know that I’m a big gutter guy & that I’ll point out the houses that don’t have them and I always recommend putting them on if the house they own or thinking about buying does not have them.
If you’re going to get them installed, go with the oversized seamless gutters and have them installed by a professional. Stay away from the cheaper plastic ones from the big box stores.
Another great feature that helps is to have a drain tile system with a sump pump.
With Gutters, Grading, Downspout Extensions, and a Drain Tile System, your basement and foundation will thank you.

Brought to you by Darin Bjerknes with Commonwealth Realty.
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