Meet Lisa Lee of Coldwell Banker Burnet
Lisa Lee
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About Me:

A few years ago, after being involved in the operating of my construction management business, I realized that it was time for a change. So I began to explore what my next best career could be.  I examined my life path and it became very obvious that the real estate profession was so perfect for me.  I wondered, what took me so long! I am now more excited about this opportunity than any other in my life.

Throughout my entire adult life, I have had a sincere passion for creating an exceptional home and the surrounding lifestyle opportunity it provides. This passion has been fulfilled by my good fortune to design and build 4 homes over the last 30 years.  Exploring the nearly countless and essential personal details was daunting at first. Then facing the challenges involved with home construction management as well as interior and landscape design became a transformation from initially intimidating to very fulfilling. That process has provided me with a distinct attention to the small details that make a significant difference in my home-lifestyle happiness.

During the years that I was designing and building a new home and my career in construction management, I also helped many friends prepare their home for sale.  By carefully looking over the home and décor details and then recommending cost effective small changes that made their home “feel” more comfortable, of course we felt it became more sale-able.

We all “want” certain things on our new home wish list and of course “not” others and yet often the reason “why” can be elusive.  These countless details in the home market and all the options can sometimes become overwhelming.  My contribution to your next adventure in buying a new home will be unique.  Based upon our discussion of your wish list and me sharing my insights on what I consider the most relevant questions to ask after I learn what you what and don’t want and “Why” do you want what you want?  “Why” are you “not” interested in other qualities of home details, location and so much more?

I will help you explore the “why” questions that will lead us towards a new clarity of your most important next home details. My objective is that this process will naturally lead to a much more time efficient discovery of your perfect new home, naturally providing you with deeper fulfillment and enduring happiness.

 If it is your very first home, your next dream home or a real estate investment, I can guild you through a process that unfolds into a refreshing new chapter of your life based on the powerful insight that comes from asking yourself and partner, the “why” we want what we want questions.

I am confident that all years I spent in my prior careers involving home design and construction provides me with a distinction that will make your new home purchase or sale mutually fulfilling.